Time Draws Near. A choice To Make.

Time Draws Near. A choice To Make.
Posted by redboneshadow

As with all conflicts, there is talking and diplomacy between parties. The struggle ensues and anger comes to the surface. We went through this when our country became our country and we are going through the same thing now to save her. One train of thought is to work with the opposing enemy to iron out differences. The other is to get in their face.

We have identified this government to be tyrannical. They are against us. They have called us Americans terrorists and radicals. They have even called us anti-American because we do not buy into their socialism. They want us to take up arms and get in their face so we will fulfill their wishes of being able to ban all guns by everyone.

The choice comes with a question. Are we willing to do what is right and cross that line in the sand and risk imprisonment and even death to save our country ? When is the right time to accomplish this ? I am sure our forefathers faced this very same question. We may have to risk everything to gain liberty and freedom. It is apparent they will not listen or respond to our wishes and they are going to continue to destroy our country.

I am spoiling for a fight just as people all over this country are. When we loose everything it will be to late to fight. Are we willing to do what it takes to surprise and overtake this enemy before they get to big to do anything with?

This was written by a very good friend of mine and I thought I'd share it here.

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