Want to really "do something" to save our country?

Want to really "do something"? Become a Republican Party precinct committeeman ("PC").

PCs get to vote for the leadership of the Party and help determine, my majority vote, which candidates get the endorsement of the Party in the Republican primary races. Only takes a few hours of time a month. With half the PC slots in the Party nationwide vacant, and with a fifty-fifty split right now between conservatives and moderate RINOs in the PC ranks, the Party is there for the taking by conservatives/libertarians if we'd all just get off our duffs and get to a meeting of the local GOP and volunteer to become a PC. Want to save your country? Then invigorate the "main enemy" of the Debtocrat/Socialist Party with your presence.


Becoming a PC should be every conservative's first priority. Blogging and carrying a sign at a Tea Party or attending a town hall is great, but unless we have better leadership and candidates in the main adversary party, the Debtocrats will get returned to power. It's all about the Constitution and all about winning the elections. The best way to restore the Constitution and to have better candidates who respect the Constitution is to join the Republican Party at the grass roots and make it happen. It's a numbers game. The more conservatives we have in the Party in the precinct committeemen ranks, the more likely it will be that we'll get better elected leadership within the Party and in the general elections. Michael Steele was elected not by registered Republicans but by the precinct committeemen in all fifty states.

Go here to learn more: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com

Especially click on the Nevada link. There you'll read how Tea Partiers and other activists came together, after discovering the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy, and took over, in 2009, the Clark County, Nevada Republican Party by invading it and then voting out the "good old boys and girls" moderate leadership. THIS CAN BE DONE IF YOU'LL JUST ACT.

Also, you can go to www.redstate.com to learn more, too. Just type in the words precinct and committeeman into the search pane and hit the search button and links to a lot of good info will be presented too you.

Thank you.

Cold Warrior

I am only one. But I am a conservative Republican precinct committeeman and desperately trying to get other Constitution-loving conservatives and libertarians to do the same.


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Comment by Dorothy Roche on January 14, 2010 at 6:21pm
I am interested in becoming a PC. However, I am confused in your explanation of how this works. You're telling me about how to become a PC, but you're not telling me what a PC is and what they do. Could use some more info on this. I understand you getting 10 signatures, but how did you become a PC? I wasn't very good in civics.
Comment by Cold Warrior on December 16, 2009 at 11:52am
The idea is not to fit in. The idea is to lead. I'm a vet, too (Airborne). There are a lot of good people in the GOP. Some not so good. The strategy is to have the good people outnumber the not-so-good. Nationwide, there's a 50-50 split between the conservatives and the liberals/moderates/RINOs. But with 50 per cent of the precinct committeeman slots unfilled, that ration would go to 75-25 in favor of conservatives if conservatives would just get to the local GOP meetings in droves. This has happened in Nevada. Go to my site and click on the Nevada links. It's happening in Utah. Click on the Utah link. It's happening here in Arizona, where only ONE THIRD of the slots were filled. We have McCain on the run.
Get off the sidelines and out of the bleachers. Get into the real ball game of party politics. That's where the real political power resides.
Go here to learn more: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com

I try to do honor to those overseas putting their lives on the line for us, and who are terribly wounded, and who gave the "last full measure of devotion" by now trying to right our ship of state by living up to my oath to support and defend the Constitution against all ememies, foreign and domestic. Every vet should be involved in Republican Party grass roots politics as a precinct committeeman so we can elect better leadership and make sure the BEST conservative candidates win the all-important primary elections, which always have very low turnout. Precinct committeemen are instrumental in getting the vote out. If you have a majority of conservative PCs, it's very, very likely you can get the BEST candidate a victory in the primary.

Thank you.
Cold Warrior
Comment by Cold Warrior on December 16, 2009 at 11:22am
Have you ever been a precinct committeeman? Ever been to a local GOP meeting?

Try it, you might like it.

The BEST way to make sure conservative, Constitution-loving and -respecting people LOSE at the ballot box is to NOT get involved in the Republican Party at the grass roots, NOT unite in a single and, instead, play into the strategy of the Debtocrats to have us DIVIDE and fall by splintering into third parties.

As our founding fathers said, United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Half the Republican Party precinct committeeman slots nationwide on Election Day 2008 were VACANT. "We the people" have been too lazy to even become precinct committeemen. Party politics at the grass roots INSIDE the two major political parties is where the real political power lies.

Go here to learn more: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com

For Liberty,
Cold Warrior
Comment by Cold Warrior on October 11, 2009 at 2:06pm
You said you called "your precinct." Who did you speak with?
You are listed as living in Phoenix. What legislative district are you in? Which precinct? It's on your voter card if you have it. If not, go to the Maricopa GOP web site and scroll down on the left to Find Your District.
If, indeed, you live in a precinct that is the exception to the rule; that is, all PC slots are filled, all that means is that at the moment you can't be appointed to a slot. However, if you really want to become one, as all precinct committeemen are ELECTED by the Republicans in their district in the primary election, you can still run against an incumbent if you like. It's a pure numbers game -- the person with the most votes wins. If no one has a plurarity, then the top two vote getters would have a run-off in the general election.

And, even if you don't want to challenge the incumbents, you should still go to the meetings and get to know all the conservatives. When a vacancy happens (PCs move, they resign, they die), you can ask to be appointed. By attending your monthly Legislative District GOP meetings you will see how the elected leadership of your district operates and you will also meet various officeholders and candidates.

Please answer my questions and I'll try to give you additional info.

Thank you.
Cold Warrior
Comment by MJ Mosier on October 11, 2009 at 9:05am
I called my precinct and they said they don't have vacancy right now. Is there anything else I can do?
Comment by Helene on October 7, 2009 at 11:29pm
My husband and I are considering getting more involved and are planning on looking into becoming commiteemen after our daughter's wedding later inthe month.....We've made a contact with someone in a nearby republican club who we think will be able to walk us through the process......
Comment by Karen Marsalis on October 7, 2009 at 11:21pm
I am involved. I am a Republican because of the Conservative values, and we have to have a strong conservative membership. We must never allow the media or democrats (small 'd' in democrats on purpose) to choose our presidential candidate again. My husband and myself went to a meeting last night. I have not joined the National Republican party yet, but I have joined the Henderson local party.
Comment by Cold Warrior on October 7, 2009 at 9:50pm
Thanks for your involvement. I believe the first priority in terms of political involvement should be trying to be become a precinct committeeman. It's where the real power is.

I posted about this over at Redstate.com tonight -- the people there can't seem to figure out why the Republican senators may cave on the unconstitutional "health care" bill.

Go here if you're interested -- the answer has everything to do with the inability of "we the people," for whatever reason, to get REALLY INVOLVED in the REAL political process -- that is, party politics. Voting is not enough.


The whole thread is worth reading.

For Liberty,
Cold Warrior
Comment by DaveG on October 7, 2009 at 9:33pm
Thanks, great feedback. I'll check out Oklahoma's requirements. I'm already involved in the party at the local level,but just never considered this aspect of it.
Comment by Cold Warrior on October 7, 2009 at 9:27pm
Further, the time and energy needed to become and act as a precinct committeeman is minimal. For example, in Arizona, all one needs to do is get the signatures of no more than ten registered Republicans or Independents in their precinct. The Party will give you a precinct map and a list of all the voters, by address and party, in your precinct. Took me less than two hours to get the signatures on a Saturday. That gets turned in to the Board of Elections and you get voted in just on the signatures because usually you'll be running unopposed. Thereafter, you get to vote at the legislative district, the county and the state conventions for the leadership. You even have a shot to become a delegate to the Republican National Committee. And the Platform Committee. Etc., etc.
Really, the question that needs to be asked is: How much time and energy is your liberty, and the liberty of your children and grandchildren, worth?
For Liberty,
Cold Warrior




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