White Gunman Killed in Nashville by Police: National Media Ignores Incident

Amid the violence in Charlotte, North Carolina, the national media publicized riots taking place as mobs of Black Lives Matter protesters created disorder and mayhem in the usual response to a shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, who refused to follow instructions by police to put down his weapon.  

The response in Charlotte is in direct contrast to a shooting of  armed gunman Sandy Joe Duke in Nashville, Tennessee,by Metro Nashville Police which has been largely ignored by the national media.  Duke, who happens to be Caucasian, drew no protest from anyone, and no national media coverage either.

                           Image Credit:   Smokey Barn News

 It won't happen because Duke's death doesn't fit the drive by media narrative of "black man victimized by white police officers".  The stark contrast between how the two incidents have been handled by liberal media shows a tendency to gravitate toward encouraging racial tension between the African American community and both police departments and people who happen to have a lighter skin tone.  The mainstream media has ignored a beating of a white lady who was beaten just because she happened to be Caucasian, which is Exhibit A of their callous disregard for balanced, reporting of the news in favor of pushing a left wing narrative.  It's apparent that all lives do not matter to them ( the media), just the ones that can promote the left wing agenda of racial divisiveness, resulting in motivation for minority groups to focus their frustration towards conservatives on election day in favor of the same old race-baiting Democrats whom the media spin as sympathetic toward the plight of minorities.

(H/T:  Staff Reporter/ Smokey Barn News )


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